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Since 1993, the associates at Linda Catalina, CPA have earned the trust of their clients as advisors; helping them to solve problems, identify opportunities, simplify processes and more efficiently apply their assets in order to achieve upcoming expansion and success. The firm offers accounting, bookkeeping, tax compliance, international tax services and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses and individuals.

  • Business Transitions

    Whether considering the purchase of an existing business, selling the current enterprise or gifting the business to others, there are considerable actions and decisions where we can help. We work with business attorneys to be sure the decision fits with financial and income tax expectations to maximize savings for the clients, their partners and family.

    We work closely with business attorneys to outline appropriate Buy/Sell plans ahead of time to be sure the clients are covered in the event of death, divorce, incapacitation, business sale, etc. This follows our continuing proactive approach to client relationships.

  • Accounting

    Our accountants have a minimum of 15 years of experience in the field of full-service accounting, are QuickBooks experts and work throughout San Diego County providing on-site and electronic services to the clients. They are able to work with clients in any capacity that suits the client’s needs. The bookkeepers are able to record detail business and personal transactions through trial balance presentation or work monthly/quarterly performing reconciliations as required. The accountants are available to aid in the selection of accounting software, train and manage accounting personnel and continuing to be an expert available in all areas of accounting, sales tax matters, internal controls and payroll consulting.

    Businesses of all types and sizes need quality accounting services now more than ever. In order for businesses to recognize and respond to quickly-changing information and environments, they need access to real-time information and financial reporting to make the best decisions promptly. Our bookkeepers have the ability to work with clients in the cloud and electronically as much as the client requires. They work with clients in many areas of the world on an ongoing basis.

  • Tax Services

    The professionals at Linda Catalina, CPA have extensive experience with corporate, partnership, trust and individual tax planning and preparation services. We adhere to the team approach with your business attorney, estate planning attorney, insurance agents and financial/retirement planners to help make the best informed decisions regarding minimizing income tax.

    Tax legislation changes frequently. We are notified and updated continuously on new tax law changes so that we may pass on the information to clients that are affected right away.

    We offer tax projections to help the clients navigate potential decisions regarding realty sales, charitable gifting plans, business buyouts, and year-end tax planning.

    US tax law is ever more complicated and even the use of tax software requires the ability to recognize the correct treatment for a particular deduction between parents and children. Sometimes filing a “simple” tax return can be confusing and frustrating. It is too easy to overlook deductions and credits which can cost the average individual tax return thousands in missed refund money. There is no substitute for the assistance of an experienced tax professional.

    We are here to help you if the IRS or a state tax authority sends a letter. Sometimes, it is merely a request for additional information. Sometimes the taxing authority made a mistake and we need to respond on your behalf. We are there to help you in case of an inquiry and can fully represent you if there is an examination request (audit). We offer full representation so that our clients do not have to speak to an IRS or state tax agent. Typically, there is a speedy settlement to most matters for greatly reduced amounts owed, if any.

About Us

High Quality Modern Services in a Traditional Atmosphere


why choose us?

Our offices are located in Mission Valley in San Diego, and the city of San Marcos, California. Because our firm is smaller than national CPA firms, we have many close and open relationships with our clients. Our commitment is to provide high quality modernized service within a traditional business atmosphere.

Linda Catalina, CPA possesses a quality mix of hands-on accounting private industry experience, ongoing education enhancements, a commitment to future CPA college students and a goal to help clients accomplish their ambitions.

We are able to offer to clients a unique combination of experience and technical knowledge to deliver beneficial ongoing service.

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